The Top Volunteer Organizations in Houston

The Top Volunteer Organizations in Houston


By F. F. John
The Writers Network
Posted on August 11th, 2011

Several volunteer organizations are doing great work and could qualify as the best in Houston, TX. Given the current tough economic times, volunteers, and the time they give, have become more important than ever for everything from private charitable organizations to the city government itself. If you are thinking of becoming a volunteer in Houston, consider the following organizations. Your time will be greatly appreciated and the contribution you make to the many whose lives you affect will be priceless.

Houston Area Urban League

Created in 1910, the Urban League is focused on helping African Americans and other minorities improve their economic prospects. The Houston branch of the organization was established in 1965 and constantly seeks assistance from volunteers to help facilitate projects around the city. These projects include the mentoring of young professionals, entrepreneurs and even school children. Another project volunteers assist with is the ‘Take A Loved One To The Doctor Day’, which resulted in over 1,000 people getting free health care from physicians and optometrists. Prospective volunteers can commit their time by visiting one of the organization’s three locations or calling 713-393-8745 for more information.

Volunteer Initiatives Program

The Volunteer Initiatives Program was created by the city of Houston in 2004 to increase the level of volunteerism in Houston. It aims to bring volunteers from across the city and connect them with services and groups that need their assistance. The program is administered by the mayor’s office and its website, www., allows individuals to search for volunteer opportunities for veterans and young people. There are also several opportunities in education, health and public safety. The website contains an easily navigated database and allows volunteers to search for specific organizations, including the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Air Alliance Houston or Bayou City Performing Arts.


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